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I love sexy and erotic porn as much as the next guy, in fact, I think I may love it more than the next guy. I have gotten into a headspace where I really want to get the newest and hottest porn and see it before anyone else. I have spent a lot of money on big subscriptions to top porn sites to always get the exclusive new releases, and sure, that’s hot and all. But I’m not some mega-rich dude, so I just had to find a better way.

Thankfully, I discovered these porn addict cams and it’s even better than what I was doing before. One, it’s free to sign up and watch. Which for obvious reasons that’s fucking phenomenal. But not only am I getting this shit as soon as it comes out, but it’s also in real-time. There’s no porno movie that’s ever been able to give me that. I am watching these beautiful babes cum right before my eyes. Hell, if I time it right, we get off simultaneously.

I also love that no one has ever seen it before. Since it’s all live, I’m not recycling someone else’s jack off fodder. It feels like discovering a new land or something, it really brings out the adventurer in me.

And if I want, I can get most of these babes to myself by taking them in private shows. Really with so many thousands of babes online and so many options available, the possibilities are endless and ever-changing. It’s perfect for me who loves variety, or for any dude who loves to get off!

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